Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I'm very sorry but due to lack of interests/participation I am calling it a day. This months theme has been running all of August and September and I only have 4 entries. Levels of entries has been very low now for a while .
If anyone else would like to have a go at running it please let me know.
Thanks to all those people who have joined in over the months



  1. Jean I a sorry to heart that, but I agree the level of particpitaion has been dropping, not sure why. I know I myself have missed a couple of recent ones. I have just posted my entry for Aug/Sept this morning. Thank you for running the raffle, as a winner I can only say that it is a wonderful opportunity to get some lovely pieces of art and I don't know why interest has waned. Sorry to see it go but obviously respect your decision. Best wishes, Cindy

  2. I am pleased to anounce that the UK Art Raffle has a new home with me

    WE are live now over at

    do come and join in

  3. Thank you Jean for running the raffle. I know that I can not always find the time to join in, but have enjoyed participating when it was possible. Dee x