Sunday, 26 July 2009

more art and more people

yes we have had 3 more people join in the fun and 2 more entries arrived , thanks Lyyne Mc and carol p , keep them coming .................................

Thursday, 23 July 2009

More Arriving

2 more have arrived Dawne and Lynne, thanks ladies. I have decide on what im doing so will do that sometime today .Keep them coming

Monday, 13 July 2009


Yes another entry has turned up already. This one is from Efemera. Keep them coming .

Saturday, 11 July 2009

How Exciting

The first of the entries has arrived and it's so pretty. It was from Joanne w , thanks Joanne for being the first on the start of this new Monthly Art Raffle. As it is the first to arrive and im so excited about getting this back off the ground I have decided to send out a little 3D Jean goodie pack.Which made me think and I have also decided that every now and again I will send out little 3D Jean goodie packs. Maybe the next one will be to the person who is the 100th person to send an entrie , that sort of thing. Just to make it a little more interesting.
Now who will be the next????????????????

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Yes as of today we have 40 people signed up. I have put a list of those people down the side , eventually if you have given me blogs i will sort it so you can click on the name and go to that persons blog. This will take a week or two.
Already one of you has made something and i must say it's very pretty .Now i have to wait for it to arrive lol.
When your item arrives i will put a number near your name so you know it has arrived and also will but it in the daily ramble bit.
So let's get crafting.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Signing up

Well after trying to let as many people as possible know that we are back up and running , I can report that I have had 31 of you sign up .Which is great news. So all i neednow is for you all to start making and sending.
I will put a list together to go down the side of people who have signed up, nicknames wil be used if you gave me one otherwise real names. Should get that done in the next few days.

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Theme - SUMMER

To start the Art Raffle off and get it up and running again i am going to give until August 23rd to get entries to me .
So what's the theme going to be - SUMMER .
All that's left to do is for you to sign up and start sending in your raffle entries.


How does this all work then?
At the start of each month I will publish a theme. If you choose to participate in the raffle you need to make a small art item according to this theme, and post it to me (address supplied in your confirmation email) so that it reaches me by the deadline date usually the last Saturday of the month.A randomly selected winner, from all of those who have sent in an item that month, will be drawn. This person will receive a bumper parcel containing ALL of the artwork made by the other entrants.The winner is not announced, neither is the gallery unveiled, until I am sure that the parcel has arrived, so it will be a nice surprise.

What does "signing up" involve?
If you wish to join in, you MUST sign up first by emailing me at . You only need to do this once – you do not need to sign up every month. When signing up please include your full name and address (ONLY used to send out the monthly prizes, not used or shared for ANY other reason, and never publicly visible)– your email address (required so that I may send you my address)– a nickname to use on our blogroll list if you choose (your full name will be used if this is omitted)You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days to confirm that your sign up has been successful.

Do I have to buy a raffle ticket to enter?
No, you don’t need to send me money (unless you really, really want to, in which case who am I to argue? lol). You enter this raffle by sending in a small piece of your own artwork. There are no actual tickets.

How will the winner be selected?
I will allocate each entrant a number as I receive their entry, and then use the random number generator at to choose each month’s winner from those who have taken part.

If I sign up do I have to take part every month?
No – this is a zero pressure project. If you send something in you’ll go in the draw, if you don’t you won’t. You’ve got to be in it to win it - it’s as simple as that. I do reserve the right, however, to remove someone from the blogroll if they sign up but don’t participate at least once in their first few months. Having played once though, your name will appear on the list permanently.

What sort of thing should I make?
Within reason, pretty much anything. Examples might be an ATC, a pin badge, a small art doll, a greetings card, a keyring.... Please be aware though that I will be footing the postage bill personally for sending the prizes out each month – so I would appreciate that you don’t send anything too big or too heavy. Please use your own discretion as to what constitutes too big or too heavy.The only real rule is that you have to have made it yourself. Any style of art is acceptable – paintings, collage, mixed media, stamping, fabric art, etc

I live outside the UK, can I play?
It pains me to say this, as I love taking part in international swaps, but unfortunately not, unless you have a postal address in the UK (maybe a friend or a relative) where I can send your prize, should you be the lucky winner. If so, then you should sign up with this address. But please warn them that a large parcel may turn up there one day!

What do I need to send with my item?
Please just put a little note on it with your full name, and your nickname if you are using one, so that I can work out who to enter into the draw. You do not need to include an SAE.

How will I know that my item has reached you?
I will keep a list on the home page of everyone I have received items from for the current month, so please check this list a few days after you send your item for confirmation of receipt.

What happens if the item I send in misses the deadline?
If your item is delayed, then you will not be eligible for the drawing you were aiming for – but your artwork will be entered into the following month’s draw instead, so you will still get a chance to win.

Where should I send my item? I can’t see an address on the website.
Items are being sent to my private address, I am distributing it via email rather than making it publicly visible. You should have got my address in the confirmation email you received shortly after signing up. Please check your spam folders etc for an email from "Jean (UK Art Raffle)". If you can’t find it, please re email me on and I will re–send the address.

I haven’t got my confirmation email yet.
These are being sent out manually, by one person, so please allow a couple of days for your confirmation email to come through (although the chances are it will be much quicker). If you have heard nothing after 3 days then please check your spam folders etc for an email from "Jean (UK Art Raffle)". If you can’t find it, please email me on and I will re–send the confirmation email.

If I win the monthly prize, do I need to do anything?
Yes, please drop me an email just to let me know that the parcel has arrived (and how much it made your day :)). I will reproduce your email on the site, or link to a blog post if you have posted one.

If you have any other question please just email me .