Thursday, 1 April 2010


Has been chosen and all items parcelled up , should get there after easter.

So next months Theme. Ive had a think and we seem to be realy low on numbers of people joining in , i know time has a lot to do with it so i thought a nice simple one this month.

Aprils Theme is GREETING CARD . All you need to do is either make 1 or 2 greeting cards and send them in if you send 1 you will be entered in the raffle once , if you send 2 your name will be entered twice .(please dont send in anymore than 2 as i wont up the no of times you can enter to 3 etc)

Fingers crossed this will generate more entries

Happy Easter to everyone , have a great weekend


  1. Oh nice and easy I'll definitely join in

  2. er having a brunette moment.....

    we would be leaving these blank right? So the reipient can use them?

  3. yes they need to be left blank please

  4. Sorry I haven't joined in for so long Jean! I'll definitely be entering this month - I have just the thing! xx