Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The winner is home

Sherry has arrived back from her holidays and this is the email she has sent me .

got back from Spain today and couldn't wait to delve into the box of raffle items which I knew was waiting for me - my hubby opened it in error (he thought it was one of his ebay parcels!!!) I did forgive him as I had left him at home after all - lol !

I couldn't believe I'd won when he rang and told me - but I had a whole two weeks to wait! Still at least I had some lovely sunshine to make up for it!

I am overwhelmed by all the lovely artwork received and still can't believe my luck! I will have another look at it all tomorrow when I'm more awake and will blog about it - in the next few days hopefully. Thanks to everyone who took part and for all the wonderful pieces.

WHO WILL BE NEXT ...........................................

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  1. I am sure it is a lot to take in Shelly! Well done on your win. Lynne M